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our story

1995. Miss Gail’s is a pillar in the community as Ottawa’s unique hair salon for being able to style all hair types.

Miss Gail’s Hair Studio was founded by Abigail Wilson in 1995. Now Miss Gail’s Hair Studio are a women’s staple for either getting a nice and beautiful hairdo, chit chatting with their favorite stylist and just to feeling special. Everything that we do at the salon we do as a team. Despite all of our stylists being of different age groups, social background, and heritage, we’re all looking for just one simple goal in sight – namely, to fulfill the ever-evolving needs of everyone!

Ottawa • since 1995

A Wide Range Of Services

Starting with offering traditional service of female, male and children’s haircuts, and all the way to hair coloring, hair care treatments, and special occasion hairdos, we’re eager to offer you more hairdressing services than anybody else in the city!
Ottawa • since 1995

The Atmosphere

It’s no wonder, that our returning customers total to 85% of all of our clients, and the new people get used to our lovely atmosphere at once. Besides teas, coffees and even chocolates (which are free of charge) our charming stylists also always offer a nice chit-chat while they do your a hairdo!

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