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  /  Inspiration   /  How To Get Voluminous Hair Every Day

"How To Get Voluminous Hair."

Chime Edwards

It usually takes much practice for naturals to find the right technique to achieve the perfect Day 1 wash ‘n go. Sure there are lucky ladies who naturally have amazing volume and texture, but most of us have to put in a little effort to achieve our desired look. And, sadly, volume doesn’t usually show its face until day 2 or 3. You must be careful when adding volume to a wash n’ go because you can easily lose the texture you worked so hard creating. The following are the steps I take to achieve volume and maintain a textured wash n’ go.

First, I apply a light leave in conditioner to freshly washed hair. You will usually be able to achieve the best results on freshly washed hair. Then, I apply a mouse from the roots to the tips of your hair.

I spin the ends of each small section with the tip of my index finger (we called it the pointing finger in grade school) to create a curl at the ends because I naturally don’t have curls or coils on the ends of my hair. I like to rock it both ways but I know most naturals prefer curls. Then I apply a light oil. Coconut oil is my favorite! Lastly, I divide the hair into four sections and GENTLY pick out each section using a hair pick. You should move the pick in a “down-up” motion. If any section begins to lose definition, add more mouse and oil. It’s a good idea to keep a spray bottle handy to use if the hair becomes dry. Then pick the crown of the hair. The top of the hair is the most important.

Add more oil if needed and lightly fluff the hair. Enjoy rocking your ridiculously huge ‘fro!

Source: Essence Magazine